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Welcome to Mestengo

This is the Spirit of the West

The time period is the late 1800s - the place? Nevada, and the so-called Wild West. This is a time of gunslingers, of bandits and outlaws, of fame and fortune, and of expansion. America is starting to feel the pull of economic change and the West is the new frontier for capitalists and adventurers alike. Here, though, in this place called Mestengo, things still move slowly - the pace is that of a steady clock, and the people here are resistant to change.

It is a place set apart by its incredible horses; the majestic wild Mustang roams the valley and has done so for hundreds of years. Locals make their living off the capturing, training and racing of these horses in endurance races - difficult, gruelling challenges of trust and stamina between horse and rider. To be immersed in this world is to be immersed in a time gone by; the horse was the main form of transportation, and your closest friend. The two of you will fight sickness and injury, but will triumph through proving your bond developed through training and time spent together. You will encounter dangerous outlaws and wise Natives, who will pass on their knowledge of the land and their spiritual connection to the horse. You will befriend trainers with cruel, and not so cruel methods. Your adventure through the Valley might earn you fame, or fortune.


Innovation & Adventure

Mestengo is a new, innovative simulation game combining the worlds of text-based roleplaying and traditional horse sim. Designed and opened to mature players aged 16 and over, the game caters to those who are looking to saddle up and adventure in the Wild West, and ride aside outlaws, lawmen, the military, and the Native American people. This is a place where you are part of history - your fate is in your hands.


Mestengo is one hell of an adventure, and one hell of a ride. This is the valley of the mustang.